Testimonial #125: Jennifer R., January 2020

TESTIMONIAL #123: Dulce J., December 2019

“Dane I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing to help me. As I was reading the email I started crying I couldn’t believe that I went through all this in these last year’s. If hadn’t found you I would have been so lost with this problem.. Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!”

Testimonial #121: Angela B.,October 2019

Testimonial #120: Elena K., July 2019

Testimonial #118: Robert J. H., June 2019

Testimonial #116: Kathy P., May 2019

Testimonial #114: Nicholas G., December 2018


“I feel so very fortunate to have had Dane Levy as my representation in a malpractice trial. He came highly recommended and worked tirelessly to get the very best outcome for me. Mr. Levy is not only a top notch attorney but also an incredibly great person with a wonderful family. His confidence and understanding make him a pleasure to work with and also shows that he is an expert in his field. I really can’t say enough to describe how happy I am with the services provided by Levy Law Firm. Mr. Levy’s entire team is amazing. They were with me every step of the way, not just professionally but on a personal basis. They were patient with me when I needed legal documents explained and never made me feel uncomfortable about doing so. There were nerve-wrecking and sometimes scary times during my case but Dane was always there to help explain what was going on and what could be expected next. The amount of detail that goes into his work is outstanding, I can’t imagine having gone through the litigation process with any other attorney and I am so very grateful towards everyone at Levy Law Firm.”

TESTIMONIAL #110: SAM C., May 2017

“Dane and his team are incredibly accommodating, attentive, and kind. I never felt neglected or unworthy of Dane’s time. He is one hell of a lawyer and very knowlegable about dentistry. I’m on television for a living and had a horrible nerve injury. I could’ve gone after lost wages, but I didn’t want that cloud over my career. Dane was thoughtful and genuine when I told him I wouldn’t pursue that for fear of losing a job in the future. Dane also knew this meant a lower payout in the end, but I NEVER felt intimidated or uneasy about the decision at hand. He helped me learn the legal process. He FOUGHT for me. I truly felt I had an advocate in Dane and his legal team. He understood my pain and injury. Having gone through law school and attended dental school, there’s not a person I would trust more with my injury or lawsuit. I would 5/5 recommend Dane to a family member, friend, or whomever wants to pursue legal action for a personal injury. “

Testimonial #108: Anonymous, September 2009

Testimonial #106: Gabriela S., February 2018

“Mr. Levy was very sympathetic and kind when handling my case. The staff (Christina and Mr. Levy’s associate Bjorn) I came in contact with were professional and genuinely interested in helping me. Mr. Levy was very detailed as he walked me through the case. There were times where I was scared, confused and did not understand what was going on, yet they took the time to explain the process. This made me feel more comfortable. Not only is Mr. Levy knowledgeable, he is very confident and detailed oriented in his practice. I highly recommend Mr. Levy to anyone who finds him or herself in a dental malpractice no matter how complicated the case may be.”

Testimonial #104:Monica S.,July 2018

Testimonial #102:Duc T.,March 2018

Testimonial #96 :Samantha. ,April 2017

TESTIMONIAL #92: Alicia R. October 2016

“Dane Levy THE Super Lawyer”

” A few days ago my dental implant malpractice case was successfully resolved thanks to attorney Dane Levy, he not only is a Super Lawyer, he is The Super Lawyer, when I met him in person I knew he was the best, he also has the best team working for him, very professional nice people, I highly recommend Dane Levy, he is an expert in this cases, he is also kind and cares for you, I felt always protected, he is person with high moral values. Thank you Mr. Levy, God bless you and your beautiful family. ”

Testimonial #90: Francisco Z., September 2016

“I would like to thank Dane Levy and his team for all the extraordinary work they did while working on my case. After going back and fourth with several attorneys I finally found Dane’s website and contacted him. As soon as he new the facts of my malpractice he didn’t hesitate to represent me. He knew so much about the discomfort and pain I was in. He assured me that we definitely had a case. He is a professional in every way shape or form. He kept his word and I was well compensated. Not only did he help me but also the rest of the public by proving that negligent Dr. He is truly the best dental Attorny out there. Thanks Dane & Team.
Best Regards,
Francisco Z.”

TESTIMONIAL #88: Dennis M. July 2016

“Highly recommended lawyer! Excellent service!”

“The Levy Law Firm is a great firm if you need someone to handle your dental malpractice case. Dane and his associates and legal assistants are very precise in what they do. They are skilled, efficient, professional and compassionate. They did such a great job that I even didn’t had to appear in a court. I could not have had better representation. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thank you for the amazing job Dane! ”

TESTIMONIAL #86: Alexandra B. March 2016


“Words can’t express my gratitude and admiration for Dane. I found Dane online, he decided to pick up my case and the first time I met with him was at his office. He is one of the most impressionable people I’ve met, not the typical esteemed lawyers you meet, but truly genuine. He made me feel so comfortable with my situation and truly cared about my condition. It was truly a blessing for me to find him. I am so grateful for him and all he did for me. If you are looking for someone who’s honest and truly cares about your well being and the end result for you, Dane is the attorney for you.”

TESTIMONIAL #84: John D. September 2015

“Dane Levy is the best!”

“I just wanted to thank Attorney Levy, Christina Reynosa, and the entire staff at Levy Law firm for an amazing job with my case! Attorney Dane Levy is the best in the business. To see him negotiate and work is definitely amazing to watch. When I sustained my injuries I didn’t know where to turn. I was fortunately referred to Attorney Levy by several attorneys after going online to look for possible legal representation. Not only did I receive amazing legal help throughout the entire process but Attorney Levy was also able to negotiate a fair and speedy settlement on my behalf for which I am truly grateful. Not only that but I was also referred to several amazing Doctors by Attorney Levy who will continue to treat me. Attorney Levy is always available by phone and email for any questions and he truly cares about your well being both in the present and ongoing future health and financial costs you may incur as a result of your injuries. His assistant Cristina is also amazing and is always available as well. I could not be more grateful to Attorney Levy for everything. If you need an attorney for dental malpractice there is no one better!”

Testimonial #80: Laura M. , March 2015

TESTIMONIAL #78: Dawn H. July 2015

“Simply the best”“Dane was there with us throughout the entire process. Any questions we had he answered thoroughly and was always sure to stay in close communication with us. The legal process was long and sometimes scary but Dane always made it a point to ease my fears and talked us through the process. I would absolutely recommend Dane for any dental malpractice lawsuit, he is a true professional and highly respected among his colleagues. Dane and his office staff were always quick, accommodating and truly caring professionals and I can’t recommend them enough.”

TESTIMONIAL #76: Andrew Y. March 2015

“I am very grateful I went with Dane Levy. Thank you Mr. Levy.”

“I needed my wisdom tooth pulled out due to pain and the dentist I went to see pulled out my 2nd molar tooth by accident. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. I talked to couple lawyers to see who will be best to fit help my case; however, Mr. Levy was the one that stood out. He had the most knowledge about my case, was very sincere, and was upfront with how the process will take place. It was wonderful working with Mr. Levy and his assistant, Ms. Cristina. Even though I had a lawsuit going on for about a year and four months, Mr. Levy made the process seem very simple, smooth, and easy-going. Before I knew it, I was shaking hands with Mr. Levy, thanking him for all his hard work and making the process so easy and bearable. If i had to come to Mr. Levy again, I would come to Mr. Levy again and again without a second thought. He has made my horrible experience into something that was dealt with ease and confidence. He has kept me informed, calm, and comfortable. I would recommend Mr. Levy to anyone whom he can help. Please consider Mr. Levy if you are reading this review; you wont be disappointed.”

Testimonial #74: Laura M. , January 2015

“Not enough words to praise!”“Dane is a very professional, caring, responsive, and informative attorney. He guided me on what to do about my injury because it was all new to me. Any questions, fears, information I needed or just a simple check-in was always greeted positively and efficiently. I know even after my case has been settled now I can still contact him about anything I made need legal advice on. Thank you!”

Testimonial #72 : Joseph A. , December 2014

“Very Pleased …………..”“Mr. Levy made my husband & me very comfortable in what can usually be a stressful situation. Always very professional, willing to answer anything thing we approached him with. I will definitely keep his information handy for myself as well as for any friends or family members who may be in need.”

TESTIMONIAL #70 : Annalise P. September 2014

“Dane Levy is a legend”

“Dane Levy is an extremely hard worker and always kept me informed throughout my malpractice case. His work ethic is unbelievable and I always felt very confident in what he was doing for me. I felt extremely taken care of and respected the entire time of being his client. He was my protector during all the rough times and I couldn’t imagine having any other attorney by my side. I could not be happier with the end result and I would recommend 100%! He is a true legend.”

Testimonial #68 : Anthony A., April 2014

“Thousand Oaks, CA.”“Dane Levy has the required experience and knowledge to ensure a fair and proper outcome of your case. He handled my case in a very professional and knowledgeable manner. He was straight to the point when needed and courteous when required. He did all the research and “home work” needed to ensure my case was resolved and had a positive and fair outcome. He is highly recommended.”

Testimonial #66 : Natalie S. P. ,February 2014

“Great Attorney”“Mr. Levy was a very knowledgeable and honest attorney to work with. Both Mr. Levy and his assistant Cristina were always available whether it was for questions or just basic information. Thank you Mr.levy and Cristina for all your help.”

Testimonial #64 : Karen L. B., November 2013

“The Best Choice To Represent You”
“Dane Levy is the right person to have on your side. Right from the very beginning Mr. Levy made sure that I had the best medical and dental care. He knows all the best specialists and has a vast understanding of dental malpractice cases. He is reliable, competent, and trustworthy. Mr. Levy will make sure you get what you deserve as he did for me.”

Testimonial #62 : “Agnes J. ,October 2013

“Attorney with a heart”“Dane is a highly efficient attorney. Cristina runs the most efficient office I’ve seen in a long time. Dane is very professional yet kind. Dane explained things to me in a term I could understand, he’s caring and kind and really makes you feel he’s doing the very best for you and he did. Dane was sympathetic to my pain and suffering, almost as if he’d gone through a similar procedure . We need more attorneys like Dane Levy. I highly recommend him to anyone with a similar problem or for that matter any dental malpractice issue.”

Testimonial #60 : Silvia C., October 2013

“Malpractice Case”“Mr. Levy is a great lawyer to work with he is very skilled at his job he makes you feel comfortable and explains the process with good details. Very intelligent I can’t say anything bad I was very satisfied choosing him as my lawyer for my malpractice case. Thnak you for all your help and his assistant Cristina is very nice and helpful.”

Testimonial #58 : Arusyak M. ,October 2013

“When in need of a lawyer this is who you should call!”“I have been working with Mr.Dane Levy for more than a year now and all I can say is he is the best lawyer I have EVER worked with. He is passionate in the work he does and carries such knowledge about what he is doing, I fully trusted him from the day we walked into his office and I was so sure he would win the case for us. Wonderful human being inside and out goes out of his way to complete his work and then some. I am so proud to have chosen such an astonishing attorney to have carried my case to its justice. I recommend Mr.Levy to anyone who needs a brilliant lawyer. He is the best hands down.”

Testimonial #56 : Nora M., August 2013

“The light at the end of the tunnel”“Very caring, knowledgeable and understanding. I felt like everything was being taken care of properly and professionally. With all the pain and suffering involved in these cases, it’s good to know there is an honest person who is more than willing to help solve the problem. I am very thankful to have found this lawyer.”

Testimonial #54 : Ryan G. ,August 2013


Testimonial #52 : Denise M. F., July 2013

“Thank you for everything you are an exceptional attorney. I appreciate your kindness and honesty.”

Testimonial #50 : Lydia B. ,May 2013

“It was great working with you and thanks for fighting for me! You did a great job.”

Testimonial #48 : Julie B., April 2013

“An Attorney Who Treats His Clients With Respect”“I have hired many attorneys over the course of my life and prior to Mr. Levy, they brought me more headache than help: some were dishonest, others were rude, and all of them just seemed to be out for the money. But not Mr. Levy. He always made himself available to me, he was cordial and considerate answering any and all questions I had, and simply put, he treated me with respect and kindness. Mr. Levy was very knowledgeable and freely shared all he knew with me, eventually leading me to a favorable legal outcome. I would recommend Mr. Levy to anyone needing legal assistance, for personal injury cases or other. He was a pleasure to work with. Thank you Mr. Levy!”

Testimonial #46 : Stephen M. ,April 2013

“Mr. Levy was very responsive. Any questions I had were always answered promptly. He knows dental malpractice very well.”

Testimonial #44 : Ellen S., January 2013

“Wonderful Support in a Dental Malpractice Case”“Dane was supportive, kind and knowledgeable in his handling of my dental malpractice case against a very well respected dentist whom no one else was willing to challenge, in spite of the fact that I was not the first person injured by this dentist. He kept me informed and offered well thought out advice.”

Testimonial #42

Testimonial #40

Testimonial #38 : Daniel B. ,February 2011

Testimonial #36 : Jay L., December 2011

“The best lawyer for dental malpractice”“Dane Levy is the best.”

“If you are looking for a dental malpractice attorney, your best move would be to contact Dane Levy!! From start to finish he handles your case with poise and confidence. All aspects of the case are explained in detail, presented in writing and final decisions are only made upon your consent and approval. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend his services to those who want RESULTS and NO GAMES.”

Testimonial #34 : Anita B. ,March 2012

“Best Dental Malpractice Attorney in California”“He represented my 15 year old daughter in a severed lingual nerve case from a lower wisdom tooth extraction. I highly recommend him!”

Testimonial #32 : Leslie H., March 2012

“The BEST dental malpractice attorney!”“If you need a dental malpractice attorney then Dane Levy is the only attorney you should contact. He is the best.”

“He is extremely knowledgable about dental/legal issues and explains everything clearly and straightforward. I trusted him and had complete confidence in his handling of my case from the beginning.”

“Dane Levy and his assistant Christina are true professionals who care about their clients. It is great having such supportive people on your side. Thanks Dane and Christina!”

Testimonial #30 : N.P. ,July 2012

“Overall, Dane Levy is an excellent lawyer. He is very knowledgable in dental malpractice. After weeks of having both of my wisdom teeth extracted, the left side of my tongue remained numb. I was worried and concerned that something might have gone wrong from the extraction. I started doing some research and found that what happened to me was a result of dental malpractice. The oral surgeon had accidentally cut my lingual nerve which caused my tongue to tingle, remain numbed, and have burning sensation. So I did some more research and found that there was only a limited of specialized lawyers in the US that could help me with my conditions and getting compensated for what happened to me. Dane’s name came up first so I contacted Dane and he directed me to see a lingual nerve specialist who informed me that my nerves were cut during the wisdom tooth extraction. I was sad to learn that I will have a permanent loss of 80% of sensation on the left side of my tongue, permanent numbness, and no taste even after oral repair surgery to the nerve. Once everything was in motion Dane pretty much took care of all the legal aspects of the case. I didn’t do much except went to my appointments and made sure I did my part. The process took about a good year and a half and I was surprised that everything went smoothly. In addition, during the course of the case I went through numerous crisis and Dane was understanding and very supportive. Although I have a permanent loss on various sensations to the left side of my tongue, I’m very pleased with the outcome of the case and hope my review is helpful to other future clients.”

Testimonial #28 : Ashley F. , September 2012

“Truly cares and gives you his all.”“Dane and his office have been amazing. They kept me informed and didn’t mind my million questions. He is knowledgable, sympathetic, hard working, and an all around wounderful person. He helped me through a terrible situation and was extremely honest throughout the process.”

Testimonial #26 : H.K. ,July 2011

“The Best Lawyer for Dental Malpractice”“The nerve that gives feeling to my lower left chin and lip was injured during a bone grafting procedure and I have been numb since then. I tried to find several lawyers, but nobody was able or willing to take my case. Now I know the reason why they did not take my case is because dental malpractice is a very specialized field. Mr. Levy is the perfect fit. He has education both in dentistry and a law degree. Besides professionalism, he is trustworthy, and kept me informed every step of the way. I truly appreciate the time and effort he put forth during the past year he worked on my case. I highly recommend Mr. Levy to anyone in need of legal representation. Additionally, Mr. Levy’s assistant Christina is very helpful and supportive.

Testimonial #22 : Desiree ,a Former Client on May 30, 2011

“Trustworthy Lawyer with Knowledge and No Games!”“Mr. Levy is a very knowledgeable lawyer. He will be honest and straight up tell you about your case. He will help you to the fullest. He sits down and talks to you about what happened to you. He will give you the details about the case. He walks you, step by step. Top Dental Malpractice Lawyer around Hands Down!”

Testimonial #20 : Kathryn , a Former Client in February 2011.

“If you are looking for a real good Lawyer for Dental Malpractice, Dane is the one you want. He keeps you informed and works very hard on your case. He does not drag things out like most, he is very efficient and he really knows what he is doing. He responds immediately if you call or email. He really is an excellent lawyer.”

Testimonial #18 : Elisa ,a Former Client in September 2008.

“I am very happy and satisfied with Dane Levy’s legal representation.”“I felt hopeless about my case until I found out about his practice. Mr. Levy made the dentist at fault accountable and made the legal process easier. The dental malpractice severely impacted my health and personal life so his professionalism handling the case brought me great relief and hope. Mr. Levy was proactive gathering all the information, knowledgeable, and approachable at any time. I gladly recommend Mr. Levy to anyone in need of excellent legal representation..”

Testimonial #16 : Eugene R , an arbitration client in May 2008.

“Satisfied to the Max.”“Mr. Levy has always been a professional from start to finish. I can find nothing but complimentary phrases for his services and accomplishments in regards to my legal problem. Dental malpractice is very complicated but Mr. Levy handled all issues with great expertise.”

Testimonial #14 : Jerry V. ,a Former Client on May 12, 2011.

“I had an extraction for a bridge and found out the oral surgeon extracted the wrong tooth and because of it I could not get a bridge but now needed two implants. Mr. Levy helped through this most difficult time and made sure I was treated fairly and all costs due to this mishap were covered, including the costs associated with the implants. I was very fortunate to find Mr. Levy to represent me in this matter.”

Testimonial #12 : Yvetta , an Arbitration Client on May 12, 2011.

“THE BEST”“During one the most traumatic times of my life I needed an attorney—a GREAT attorney.

I went to a Dentist and let’s just say it didn’t go so well.

I needed an attorney that was trustworthy, confident, and professional.

I was fortunate enough to come across Attorney Dane Levy. I was very scared and upset about what I had gone through especially not knowing what to do.

After doing my research to find an attorney, I called the Levy Law firm and met with Attorney Levy and his assistant Christina I knew immediately this law firm was the one for me.

Through the entire process Attorney Levy explained every step of every detail and I always felt welcome to call and ask any questions that I had. Attorney Levy is very knowledgeable, humble and professional.

When he’s in court or arbitration he’s the heavy weight champion that you know will win in the right corner!

I could only pray that I don’t EVER go through another situation like that but if I do (let’s hope I don’t) I know who to call and you should to…… The Levy Law Firm.”

Testimonial #10

Testimonial #6 : C.O. , on January 16, 2010.

“Finding an honest attorney can be a challenging task. Especially after putting your trust into a doctor whom has caused you harm.”“After much research online I found the best type of attorney to represent a dental malpractice case should not only have a law degree but also a dental education as well. They have much more knowledge as to the harm that’s been caused and have a better know-how to
accurately argue your case. Dane was actually the only dental
malpractice attorney I found with a law degree and who had also attended dental school.This was the main reason why I chose Dane Levy. But, not only was his educational background impressive, his actual experience gave me complete faith in him. He’s been involved in huge cases.My whole experience with Dane was very positive. He’s an honest attorney and he was completely upfront with me from the very beginning. Any questions or concerns I had he always took the time to explain. He also has a special quality that I find many attorneys lack and that’s integrity.My case was a very unusual one. He was always realistic as to the possible outcomes and never gave me false promises.My experience with Dane was positive throughout the whole process. And with that being said, I would highly recommend Dane to anyone who’s been injured by a dentist or orthodontist and is seeking legal help. Trust is a hard thing to find these days and I honestly found I could trust him. Especially after all I’ve been put through, and that’s saying something.”

Testimonial #4 : Sam J., on April 28, 2010.

“Great Honest Attorney!”“My lingual nerve was severed during a wisdom tooth extraction. The dentist who severed it did not seem to take it seriously and did not refer me to an oral surgeon. I needed help and decided to search for an attorney who could refer me to a good oral surgeon. I found Dane’s website and gave him a call. I spoke with his legal assistant who was very nice and Dane called me back within ten minutes. He got me in touch with a great oral surgeon that did an amazing surgery to reconnect my severed nerve. Although my tongue will never be 100% back to normal, it is better than it was before the surgery. Dane filed a lawsuit on my behalf and was realistic about the possible outcome. He did not overpromise or exaggerate. He was very honest and expected me to be very honest also. In fact, I don’t think Dane would take a client who was being dishonest. I believe this gives him respect in the industry and allows him to settle cases quickly. My case settled less than five months after the lawsuit was filed. Dane gave me his cell phone number and kept me posted on everything that was going on with the case. He was very professional and very knowledgeable about the law and the dental profession.”

Testimonial #2 : Patrice A. , on June 2, 2010.

“I would recommend him to anyone!“I have never had a dental problem in my life. I had a wisdom tooth removed last year and I was concerned about the numbness in my tongue that would not go away after the extraction. My dentist kept telling me it was “normal!” I believed her for about a week and then I started getting concerned. Good thing I found Attorney Dane Levy on the internet and had a consultation with him. My dentist completely severed my nerve and I have permanent numbness and lack of taste as a result! Good thing I didn’t just put up with this because the dentist said it was “normal!”

Dane is an outstanding attorney and he is extremely knowledgeable! Even though I have to live with this numbness, I was compensated thanks to Dane. He is very dedicated to his work and he was always in contact with me regarding my case via telephone and e-mail!”

Testimonial #124: Peggy V., January 2020

Testimonial #122: Donna S., December 2019

“Attorney Levy was very knowledgable and helpful to me! He kindly helped me resolve a difficult issue. I highly recommend him! Outstanding!”

Testimonial #119: Jason O., July 2019

Testimonial #117: Jim B., May 2019

Testimonial #115: Danny R., April 2019

Testimonial #113: Gregory K., December 2018

Testimonial #111: Gino F., March 2018

Testimonial #109: Leslie H., April 2012

Testimonial #107: Anonymous, September 2009

Testimonial #105:Michelle B., July 2018

Testimonial #103:Ashley B., April 2018

TESTIMONIAL #101: Nicole D. March 2018

” Mr. Levy and his staff showed me the utmost respect, kindness and professionalism while representing me. Over the past years, under their guidance, we were able to successfully navigate the tedious process of litigation. I always felt supported and cared for. I can’t imagine going through this process with anyone else and I will be forever grateful for Mr. Levy’s wisdom & expertise. I would HIGHLY recommend his services and feel honored to have worked with him.

Nicole D. ”

TESTIMONIAL #99: Kulveer G. October 2017

” I just want to let you know thank you for supporting me and I definitely couldn’t have done this without your help. I’m very thankful for what we have recovered and I know that amount can help me a lot so thank you once again and I appreciate the amount of effort you put in this alongside me. ”

TESTIMONIAL #98: Ali S. August 2017

“Absolutely wonderful & best in the field of dental malpractice!”

” I would like to thank Mr. Levy and his entire staff (the attorneys and supporting team) for all of their hard work & dedication during my case. I am grateful that I chose Levy Law and thankful for everything they did. My case related to a dental surgery issue and Dane understood the issues and pursued them to the fullest extent. My case was more than just another case to him and Dane and his staff listened and understood everything I was going through and helped me through it. Many thanks for believing in me, hearing my story & then fighting for my rights. Thank you again!!! ”

TESTIMONIAL #97: Monica S. July 2017

“Greatest Man I Know!!”

” Mr.Levy is one of the most honest man I know. Not only did I hire a lawyer but I also gained a friend. He is very professional and is willing to give 100% into his work. Although he may be busy he always makes time for his clients. He would always answer every single call or text I would make. He was there for me legally and emotionally, he is a very intelligent man. I would highly recommend him to anyone ! ”

TESTIMONIAL #95: Fran T. January 2017

“Litigation Made Easy”

” I would like to thank and enthusiastically recommend Dane Levy and his firm for successfully pursuing a dental malpractice in my behalf. My primary concern in selecting an attorney was integrity. I was initially impressed by his honesty and later discovered that he was respected even by his opponents for his honorable conduct. They call him the hardest working man in the business. He is the very best, look no further. Dane Levy was an answer to my prayers. ”

Testimonial #94: Virginia B., November 2016

“Dental Malpractice Lawsuit”

” I would like to thank Dane Levy and his staff for all the work they did in my dental malpractice case. I was very nervous about pursuing a lawsuit but Dane and his office were a pleasure to work with and I am very satisfied with the resolution and outcome of my case. Although I live in Northern California and Dane’s office is in Southern California, this difference in geographic location was not a problem. We first met in Northern California when he was here on another case and thereafter everything was handled efficiently on the phone, by email or regular mail. He truly cared about me, my recovery from my dental injury, and my pain and suffering. He didn’t just look at me as another legal case. He recommended the best doctors and medical centers in my area to treat my condition and he negotiated a quick and fair settlement of my case.

I highly recommend the Levy Law firm to everyone. Thanks again Dane.”

Testimonial #93: Tony B. , October 2016

“Dane Levy attorney malpractice dental suit”” Dane Levy is probably the most thorough attorney I have ever worked with. His understanding of the law is great, and his having attended dental school is a huge help. He is polite, understanding, and professional in all his dealings. He returns phone calls, emails, texts in a timely manner. Probably the best experience I’ve ever had with an attorney. “

Testimonial #91: R.H. , October 2016

Testimonial #89 : Ann G. , September 2016

TESTIMONIAL #87: Talisha F. June 2016

“Best lawyer”

“Mr. Levy is the best hands down! Took great care of me made sure I was always comfortable at depositions! The team at levy law firm are such great people! Who truly have passion for their job!!!!! Thank you again levy law firm”

TESTIMONIAL #85: M. A. December 2015

“Excellent Lawyer”

“I had a an injury due to malpractice, but thanks to Mr. Levy everything was resolved. Saw the necessary doctors and took care of everything. Extremely pleased and impressed with Mr. Dane Levy’s work.”

TESTIMONIAL #83: Teodora P. September 2015


“I want to personally thank the Law Offices of Levy Law Firm. Mr. Levy has been at my side through every step of the process in my case. Mr. Levy promptly returned my calls whenever I had questions, gave me proper guidance in my best interest and handled various stressful situations that put me at ease. I believe Mr. Levy’s handling of everything with great detail and attention gave me the end result that I wanted. Thank you again for your professionalism and fulfilling my expectations.”

TESTIMONIAL #82: Betty N. August 2015

“The best lawyer!!!”

“How would you know if you are getting a good lawyer? Most people would say it is a matter of luck and yes; I was lucky to find Mr. Levy to represent me in a recent dental implant malpractice case. In a short summary, the dentist drilled past my bone and into my main nerve. As a result, I have been suffering a great deal of pain and discomfort. My constant pain and numbness gave me anxiety, frustration, and restlessness. I was depressed from coping with the situation and decided to seek a legal representation. A quick research on the Internet led me to Mr. Levy’s medical malpractice professional profile. I called his office and he took the time to explain to me the legal process over the phone. I then followed up with a face-to-face meeting. During the meeting, Mr. Levy listened to my complaints and answered all of my questions. He then mapped out a course of actions with estimated timetable for my consideration. What I like most about Mr. Levy is his calm personality and his incredible expertise and knowledge in the dental malpractice area. By the time I finished my meeting, I have gained so much confidence in hiring him and knew that he would fight for my best interest and possible outcome. I found Mr. Levy is among the finest in this profession! He is held with high regard in the field and among his circles. He has incredible memory and his work products were always very thorough. This allowed me to be able to focus on taking care of myself. He kept me up-to-date with the status and addressed my concerns in a timely fashion. Mr. Levy fought hard resiliently and endlessly from the beginning to the end. Because of his intelligent, capability and experience, he was able to get me a settlement I deserved. Without his help and his expertise in the subject matter, I would have gotten nothing and still sit here feeling sorry for myself. For once in my life I can say I had a great legal experience. He is the “God”. My advice for those who are in a similar situation as I was, please get legal assistance as soon as you can. Also, I am hoping that my information and truthful evaluation about Mr. Dane Levy’s service will help you making the right decision in choosing a best lawyer for your case.”

TESTIMONIAL #81: Adriana G. July 2015

“Very impressed”

“I was scared and had a lot of anxiety at the very beginning of this whole process. Mr. Levy always eased all my fears, anxieties, answered all my questions, and concerns. He was always there to help and truly fight for me! He is honest, respectful and holds high moral standards. He is a one of a kind lawyer! Yes, I recommend him and would definitely use his services again if needed.”

TESTIMONIAL #79: H.B. July 2015

“Unforgettable experience”

“He’s very knowledgeable , he knows what he’s doing and he guides you all the way standing on your side, gives u all the info u need to know. A big fan of family so he’ll do his best to fight for your rights and your family’s . An attorney with strong belief and moral standards . Very honest and straight forward. He will tell you honestly what awaits you and what your chances are. Overall a great experience for me , he’s an attorney whom I would recommend to the nearest and dearest people I know. I will never forget this experience.”

TESTIMONIAL #77: Brian J. March 2015

“I am his client”

“Dane has been working for my case for 2 and half years, he did a lot of work to help me protect my right. I am very much appreciate about his hard work.he is simple best lawyer in his field.”

TESTIMONIAL #75: Jean S. October 2013

“Dane Levy is EXCEPTIONAL !”

“I would give Dane Levy, Esq. 20 stars if I could. He is truly a marvelous human being, an expert in malpractice law, and exceptionally well-versed with my dental issues. Most important of all, he has integrity and is HONEST beyond reproach! Mr. Levy reads his own emails, answers them promptly and even picked up the phone to consult with me when I had questions. My late husband was an attorney so trust me – I know an outstanding attorney when I find one. Don’t even think of hiring any other dental or medical malpractice attorney than Dane Levy.”

TESTIMONIAL #73: Gerald M. January 2015

“Representation for my claim of Dental Malpractice”

“I reside in Sacramento not in the Southern California area. Because of this I felt since the defendants’ corporate office was down south I should attempt to obtain a lawyer that was located in that area. I went online in an effort to obtain legal assistance to represent me. I must say that my choice of selecting Mr. Levy to represent me in my malpractice lawsuit against a large dental provider was a “shot in the dark for me”. After contacting Mr. Levy I decided to select him as my choice to represent me and handle my case. I must be honest, this was the first time I filed a lawsuit against anyone so I was very uneasy about the entire process. But after my first meeting with Mr. Levy I knew I had made the right choice. He presented himself extremely professionally and in a manner that gave me full confidence that he could and would provide me excellent service. I would recommend Mr. Levy for anyone seeking legal representation. He did an excellent job representing me with my case. To top if off, I found him to be honest and just a very nice person. I would not hesitate to have him represent me should I ever need additional legal advice/representation.”

TESTIMONIAL #71: Sarah D. October 2014

“Dental Malpractice Lawsuit”

“Dane Levy is extremely skilled in dental malpractice law. When describing my injury during our first consultation, he knew exactly what I was talking about, due to his multiple years of experience working with clients like me. He takes the time to understand his clients needs, is thorough in his research and level headed in his guidance. His expertise helped to navigate me through a very stressful and difficult time. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that has experienced a dental malpractice injury.”

Testimonial #69: Lisa B. , October 2013

Testimonial #67 : Glenda E. O., March 2014

“Dental malpractice lawsuit”“As a first time client in a law suit of malpractice I found Mr. Levy to be very supportive in what could have otherwise been a significantly stressful situation. My experience was that Mr. Levy was genuine in his cause and protective of his clients. In addition to Mr. Levy’s exceptional professionalism, his staff is equally professional and readily available. I would highly recommend Mr. Levy as he is proficient, assertive, and skilled.”

Testimonial #65 : Liana S. M. ,December 2013

“The Best Lawyer”“I wasn’t sure where to get the help after I got the injury, until I found Dane Levy. From my experience, he was very nice and understood my situation, he helped me through to get the justice that I deserved. I’m very pleased with his work and dedication to my case. Highly recommended Lawyer… Thank you Dane Levy, you are the Best!!!”

Testimonial #63 : Meredith M. F., November 2013

“Dave Levy – A Highly Recommended Attorney”“Initially, I was nervous about meeting with an attorney about my case because I was upset and not sure how to approach my situation. Dane Levy was so kind, thorough and up front during our first conversation that my nerves were alleviated completely. He was always available for questions, was honest in his assessment of my case and overall was a pleasure to work with. He sincerely cared about me and my recovery. Overall, I highly recommend Dane Levy as a trustworthy and capable attorney.”

Testimonial #61 : John L. K. ,October 2013

“Dane is an excellent lawyer!”“Dane is a very capable lawyer who provided an excellent service with results that were satisfactory to me, as good as they could be. He inspires confidence and I always knew my case was in good hands, which is very important for a client’s peace of mind in troublesome situations like the medical malpractice case I had.”

Testimonial #59 : Sharon C., October 2013

“Thanks, Dane…for everything. You provided me with so many medical referrals. I truly wouldn’t have known what to do without your advice. I appreciate all your efforts!”

Testimonial #57 : Rachael A. L. ,September 2013

“Great Attorney”“Mr. Levy and his assistant Cristina were very knowledgeable in the area of my lawsuit which had to do with Dental Malpractice. I would definitely feel comfortable using him again in the future or even emailing him with questions about the law.”

Testimonial #55 : Steven T., August 2013

“Best Dental Malpractice Lawyer”“Dane Levy is a caring and knowledgeable Professional! He represented me on a complicated Osteoradionecrosis malpractice case against 2 dentists. He treated me and my family with respect and kindness and kept me informed throughout the entire litigation process. With his well rounded experience as a knowledgeable attorney, he counseled and advised me to achieve a favorable and “Painless” outcome. Thank you, Dane, you are THE BEST!”

Testimonial #53 : Patrick H. ,July 2013

“great experience”“It was a great advantage to have Dane on my team. Dane Levy is knowledgeable, informative and very responsive on the matter. Thanks a lot for your work and professionalism.”

Testimonial #51 : Del R., July 2013

“Dental Malpractice”“Mr.Levy and his staff were very professional and gave the utmost care. Anyone with a dental issue would be wise to confer with Mr. Levy. He is very knowledgeable and cares for his client. Could have not asked for better representation!”

Testimonial #49 : James B. ,May 2013

“Great Attorney”“Dane Levy is by far the best attorney I have ever dealt with. Working with him and his assistant at his office was an absolute pleasure. He was extremely knowledgeable of my situation and I had 100% confidence and trust that he was looking out for my best interest. He kept me very informed throughout the entire process and I am extremely happy with the outcome. Thanks.”

Testimonial #47 : Donna A., April 2013

“”Great Lawyer for Dental Malpractice”“Dane Levy represented me for a case regarding a severed lingual nerve in 2012. He was exceptionally professional and knowledgeable about dental malpractice. He took the time to make sure I understood all legal matters and assisted me with how to proceed, as I had never been involved in a legal case before. My family and I were more than happy with his kindness as a person, as well as expertise and ability to make the case go as smoothly as possible to attain a good settlement. My friends have even referred to him as the “great lawyer” I had. Mr. Levy is the only person I recommend for anyone who needs legal help with a dental issue. “

Testimonial #45 : Jean H. ,January 2013

“Thanks Dane. Just want to say what an awesome person you are. Thank you for all you do.”

Testimonial #43

Testimonial #41

Testimonial #39

Testimonial #37 : Jess C., February 2012

“When I first met Mr. Levy he quickly advised me taking the next step through the process. From the beginning I felt that I had no case, but after speaking to Dane I was confident that I was headed in the right direction. After gatehring all information required and going through the process Mr. Levy made sure I was compensated. If it was not for Dant and his assistant Christina’s help, I would still be fighting with the Corporation that left my lower left chin numb. I higly recommend Dane Levy to anyone who ever has a dental malpractice suit.”

Testimonial #35 : Voni L. ,December 2011

“Dane levy will not disappoint, a top-notch dental malpractice attorney!”“A man of integrity and a true professinal. Mr. Levy works tirelessly for you and is there every step of the way, keeping your best interest at the forefront.”

“I recommend Mr. Levy without hesitation or reservation.”

Testimonial #33 : Kelly S., June 2012

“The BEST dental malpractice attorney!”

“I received the final installment check from you today. I can’t thank you enough for all of the work you did and for taking my case. If myself, or someone I know ever has any legal needs, I will contact you. Again, thank you so much, it was well appreciated. Take care.”

Testimonial #31 : Daina L. ,April 2012

“Mr. Levy was always professional and knowledgable about our case. He understood what had to be proved and methodically went through the steps to prove the Doctor acted negligently. His office was equally helpful and took the time to answer all our questions at each phase of the case.”

Testimonial #29 : Donna A. ,August 2012

“Mr. Levy always kept me informed and properly advised me of what I should expect. He is very knowledgable and experienced in dental malpractice. He counseled me as to the strength of my case and advised me as to what point we should settle and what value to expect. He proved to be a skilled negotiator in the settlement conference, avoiding the expense and time of a trial.”

Testimonial #27 : Kevin Wang ,October 29th, 2011

“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value”“An attorney who cares about his clients and the values of truth and justice. Dane Levy is the best you can find”

“I am very proud to say that.”

Testimonial #25 : John M. ,July 2011

“Results Driven, Straight Shooting Attorney” “If you are looking for a dental malpractice attorney, your best move would be to contact Dane Levy!! From start to finish, he handles your case with poise and confidence. All aspects of the case are explained in detail, presented in writing and final decisions are only made upon your consent and approval. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend his services to those who want RESULTS and NO GAMES.”

Testimonial #24 : Chris D. , son of Former Client in June 2011

“Simply the best lawyer for your Dental Malpractice Case.”“If you want the best attorney for your Dental Malpractice case, then look no further than Mr. Dane Levy. He uses his background in dentistry to expertly handle your case and get the best possible settlement. He really knows what he’s talking about when he discusses your case. Dane helped my father get a great settlement a couple of months ago. He is very honest, informative, knowledgeable and professional. He always returned our emails and phone calls and answered our questions to our satisfaction. He is a man of his word and was always there for us. I deal with attorneys all day long in my job and I can honestly say Mr. Levy is one of the best. My father and I strongly recommend Mr. Levy without any hesitation”

Testimonial #23 : Larry B. , spouse of Former Client in May 2007

“Thanks for being who you are and the part you played in our life.”

Testimonial #21 : Katherine C. , a Former Client on September 2006.

“Dane Levy is the best dental malpractice attorney out there. He represented me in a dental malpractice case resulting from a bad implant severing the inferior alveolar nerve. He was honest, and guided me every step of the way. He’s extremely professional and really knows the law. I still have partial numbness on the left side of my lip, jaw and gums. I was well compensated thanks to the incredible representation from Dane. I will be forever grateful to him. IF you are looking for a dental malpractice attorney – look no further. Dane Levy is simply the BEST.”

Testimonial #19 : C.H. , in October 2010

“The best attorney you can find for dental malpractice.”“I am happy to find him for my daughter’s dental malpractice lawsuit. He got compensation for my daughter in a year, and my daughter didn’t have to put in too much time and effort. He is referred by my friend who is a deputy attorney.”

Testimonial #17 : Michelle F. , a Former Client in January 2006.

“Very Compassionate and Professional.”“I contacted Dane for a dental malpractice case. We met right away and he handled everything professionally right from the start. He was with me every step of the way. I always felt that he truly cared about what happened to me and how he could make it right.” I would recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.”

Testimonial #15 : Former client ,April 12, 2011.

“The best attorney you can find for dental malpractice.”“Dane explained everything in detail that was happening with the case, had specific tests done, kept excellent paperwork and records. Don’t know what I would have done without him in this very difficult case.”

Testimonial #13 : Erick S. , a Former Client on May 12, 2011.

“I actually found Mr. Dane Levy’s website while searching on Google.com about dental malpractice in 2009. Although I didn’t know if I would have a claim or not, I decided to contact him via email. I got a response from him within an hour. I told him my condition, which I explained happened after having had my wisdom teeth removed. He asked that I meet with him in person to go over all of the details. He was not only compassionate to my plight, but was knowledgeable about my condition. Finally I had a name with what was wrong with me, Lingual Nerve Damage. I found he had a great knowledge in Dental Medicine, but was friendly and personable, which is very important to me. He told me right off the bat that if I wanted to work with him, then he works for me, and I could reach out to him at any time, for any little question. I did have many little questions over the next year and a half. Never did I feel like any of my questions were dumb or silly, and he helped me prepare for the long road ahead. I never had a problem reaching him either, whether he answered my call or email directly, or I reached his assistant, my questions were always answered in a very timely manner. It’s been a pleasure working with him, I highly recommend giving him a call if you need help in his field. I myself will be recommending him to any I meet who might need his services.”

Testimonial #11

Testimonial #9 : Former Client , on January 10, 2010.

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your help throughout the very odd ordeal. At least my experience with you gives me some hope and faith in humanity. Not everyone is bad out there and maybe your “good luck” is starting to rub onto me as well. Thank you again Dane.You’re an honest man built on integrity. Something that most people lack in this world.”

Testimonial #8 : Former Client

“Dane Levy is the best and most professional attorney working in dental malpractice.”“Dane Levy represented me in a dental malpractice case when no attorney in my state was willing to help me. He is extremely knowledgeable and cares. He was always available to me to answer my questions and kept me informed. He is not the typical attorney. I could not have found a more qualified more caring person to represent me. He is extremely well connected and respected. I was privileged to have Mr. Levy represent me.”

Testimonial #7 : Tawnie C. ,on December 16, 2009

“Dane Levy was not only professional and thorough, but truly cares about his clients’ well-being.”“Attorney Dane Levy helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I needed legal assistance and someone I could trust. I learned many things through the process. Dane is patient, determined and always kept my best interest in mind. He made sure that I was seen by experienced professionals and helped me every step of the way. I truly appreciate the time and effort he put forth during the years he worked on my case.”

Testimonial #5 : E.M. , on March 31, 2010.

“I would recommend Dane Levy.”“My case involved a bad implant procedure. I found Dane to be extremely knowledgeable of this dental procedure. Without any research, he understood the physiology of the situation. He also was well connected with experts and was able to build a strong case. As frustrating as lawsuits can be, I never felt that he was not being responsive and representing me well. I had full confidence in his handling of the case and was satisfied with the outcome.”

Testimonial #3 : L.K. ,on May 13, 2010.

“A Professional Attorney Who Knows Dentistry Inside and Out”“A nerve in my jaw was injured during dental implant treatment. I found Dane through a Google search. Dane was listed as the highest in the dental malpractice area. He is honest and professional. His dental education explains why he knows so much detail of about my pain and suffering. At times, I felt that I was counseling with a doctor when consulting with Dane on how to cope with the situation. I think he is the best attorney to handle dental malpractice cases.”

Testimonial #1 : G.H. , on August 27, 2010.

“I want to thank attorney Dane Levy for representing me in my case. My former dentist was less than truthful with me and as a result I will probably experience pain and discomfort the rest of my life, as a result of a bad tooth implant.Dane represented me in my dental malpractice case and I was extremely happy with his work. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of dental malpractice. He is trustworthy and kept me informed every step of the way. Dane established with me a sense of trust and I had peace of mind that he would appropriately represent me.”

I rate Dane as ONE GREAT LAWYER!!!