What is Dental Malpractice?


Dental malpractice may occur when a dental provider fails to properly diagnose or treat an oral health condition, causing significant injury or death. The negligent conduct that can lead to a dental malpractice case can include, among other things: failing to diagnose a disease; delaying diagnosis of a disease; making surgical procedure errors; and failing to properly treat an oral health condition. In order for a person to have a malpractice claim that dental lawyers would regard as viable, the provider must have done an act that a reasonable and prudent oral health care provider would not have done, and that act must have caused significant injury. Dental malpractice cases and dental product liability claims are often complex and require an experienced dental malpractice attorney to understand and present the facts of the injury in order to make the necessary links between the negligent act and actual injury.

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Attorney Dane Levy

Expert in Dental Malpractice

Attorney Dane Levy is extremely knowledgeable in the sciences and dentistry since he attended the University of Southern California (USC) School of Dentistry prior to attending law school and obtaining his law degree.

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With his strong science and legal background, he is able to thoroughly evaluate the merits of potential dental malpractice claims.